Whatsapp has been blocked in china

Everyone knew that WhatsApp plays a vital role among the people but China has blocked the application due to some issue. WhatsApp users in China are having trouble while using the application to send pictures, videos, and sometimes even the texts also. China has partially banned the famous messaging service WhatsApp application and the security analysts officially confirmed that it was the Chinese government’s doing and it was said by The New York Times. This sectional block of the Facebook-owned messaging application could mean an ultimate full ban of the application in China, or the ban could be arising later on. If WhatsApp application gets banned, it would follow a list of stopped sites that only evolve extended by the day. In the past few months, shocking stories of restriction have continued to flow out of the communist country which including China forcing 3 important websites to stop streaming video and hearing content and analyze the sites as if they were the red-flagged tax returns to someone.

The main reason to block the whatsapp application because of it showed that the images were also the concentrate of the move to the censor WhatsApp application. Late on the starting of the week, the users in China could send the messages over the WhatsApp application without the use of the VPNs, but not with the pictures. Therefore the nineteenth Party Congress of the China’s Communist Party that brings together in the fall will only decline matters, as the Chinese administration frequently follows a method of cracking down more badly just before an official program so that all looks good on the camera and nothing issues get the catch. A full ban on WhatsApp application would assist Chinese native WeChat’s application business, which is already the more famous option in China country. Primary businesses have often enhanced from Chinese ban. Thus the Google service leaving the China did amazement for competing for search engine Baidu, and also the Weibo succeed by the need of other micro blogging sites like Twitter and other application. The Facebook application has not behaved to the comment.

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