WhatsApp for news- Folks are waiting for it with their greater minds

A recent report says that about forty-seven percent of the folks get the news from Facebook and hence making the social media the most popular platform, whereas its popularity has been decreased in over half of all surveyed countries. On the other side of the flip, about fifteen percent of the folks use WhatsApp for the news consumption, where the news is sent between the friends directly or in the groups. The real fact is that it is the second most popular social media platform for the news consumption globally.

It is the most popular in Malaysia, where fifty-one percent of folks exclaims it to share or discuss the news every week end. It is less popular in the US, where only three percent of the folks use it for the same purpose. About twenty-four percent of the folks have exclaimed that social media at its best at differentiating the real news and fake news. Less than forty percent have said that they trusted the traditional news media to be the same.
Fewer than thirty percent of the folks said that they knowingly avoid the news with some citing unreliability as the reason. Facebook has decided to fix the fake news problem since the problem came to the public’s attention following the US presidential elections a year before. The company has given a statement that it has taken the measures to fight against the false news by enabling a feature that allows the folks to flag the fake news and working with the third party fact checkers to identify the misinformation.

Fake news is really a problem for the Facebook and now the shareholders have initially decided to speak about this. Recently, the topic of misinformation spreading on the site increased multiple times. The gigantic social media Facebook has been in risk concerned to the fake news since before the US election and the company has also taken over more responsibilities. The company also decided to change its advertising policies and the content creators did not gain anything from putting the fake articles on the site.

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