Current implementation of Whatsapp’s feature to watch the YouTube videos

There are so many mobile applications are implemented as per the advanced technology and the Whatsapp is one of those. Whatsapp have planned to allow the YouTube videos to watch through the app itself. The users can get some benefits through this idea and it could be an easy way to entertain the people. There will be more options are available for the application to play out the videos. For the above feature, the Whatsapp has the direct link to the YouTube app through online.

Through Whatsapp, the people can share the text messages, multimedia messages, and GIF animated videos too. In fact, the Whatsapp is allowing the users to watch the YouTube videos in full-screen mode. At the same time, there is no option to open the videos in a different chat window. The Whatsapp, messaging network is accessible on the platform of iOS and android. The quality of transmitted information is a considerable one to maintain and transfer. We can implement this feature on the Beta version of Whatsapp too. It uses the picture in picture concept to view the videos from YouTube on the Whatsapp. This is possible to open the YouTube links on Whatsapp for a number of times. Most of the people in our world are looking for an advanced technique to complete the specific work. Coming to the Whatsapp, there are so many admirable techniques are arrived for the user. IOS users are currently having this feature with the Whatsapp, messaging service and for android and windows, this feature will arrive soon.

According to the recent survey, there are nearly 1.2 million users are accessing the Whatsapp with this feature. Not only has this feature, the Whatsapp been added up with a number of advanced techniques which make the conversation and the usage in an effective manner. This advanced feature is performing the playback option with the help of the mobile application. At first, this feature will be accessed by the iPhone users and here after, there is no need to move from one app to another for watching the videos.

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