Soon your phone will not get the latest update from WhatsApp

Whatsapp application will not anymore stop working for millions of loyal users this month, after a u-turn on the Facebook-owned chat decision of the app to drop support for multiples of aging mobile services. WhatsApp application has elaborated aid for the users running the Facebook-owned Messenger on older mobile service application. The highly-popular chat application introduced the u-turn in an updated in the blog post.

WhatsApp application had previously declared that the older versions of Android device, iOS device, BlackBerry and Nokia phone devices would no longer be supported by the chat app. The technology company advised users running WhatsApp application on one of these platforms to update their mobile phone before the end of the year 2016. As the year 2016 came to close, WhatsApp application accepted the chat app would not anymore run on the iPhone 3GS device, Windows Phone 7 devices, and the phones which are running under Android ver2.1 or Android ver2.2. However, the firm updated its primary blog Chat app confirming it would elaborate support BlackBerry OS device, BlackBerry 10 devices, and Nokia devices until the month of June 30, 2017.

Meanwhile, the Windows Phone 8.0 and older will stop working in December of this year. And Android ver2.3.7 and older will drop in the month February 1st of 2020. Although the users will be able to continue by using the WhatsApp application until the come before dates, some features whatsapp apk clone might stop working. The app will not more be actively developing these services, so don’t anticipate getting the new features either. Speaking of the WhatsApp app extend a new update to its iOS application before this month. WhatsApp application also now has the ability of grouping pictures into albums whenever a number of snaps are sent from the same contact. This feature should avoid the stream of pictures that presently flood the chat whenever someone fires over a few in rows. At last, the user can now swipe from left side to right across a separate text message in a thread to reply.